Our goal at Whatmore Performance Training is to use a unique training program tailored to you to focus on enhancing your athletic performance.

The program design includes a systematic approach combining optimal movement, mo‚Äčbility, stability, strength, power, and recovery to enhance overall performance.

Whatmore Performance Training is designed for professional, youth, and recreational athletes. Each individual is offered everything necessary for an all-encompassing training experience in a fun, challenging environment.

Athletes will be taken through a fully comprehensive assessment. Once the screening is finished, a member of our team will create a unique plan for each athlete. The end result is for athletes to go out and transfer what they have learned at WPT to their own sport.

Not only do our athletes get their own individual plan to become the best, they also receive access to a nutritionist and physical therapist. This provides the complete package for any athlete.

WPT owner, James Whatmore, believes athletes are not only born, they can be made